Hey, join me in building a school in Kenya!

I would like to contribute:

Here's what we are doing

33 of our friends give $3.33 (a latte)
a day for 3 months

That adds up to $10,000

We fully fund a school in kenya
for 1,000 children

Next 30-60 days:
We will raise $10,000, which will go to Free the Children who will be building our school in kenya.

Next 3-6 months:
Construction of our school begins using local workers and local materials.

Next 6-12 months:
Our school will be built and we will have a website to track the progress.

Next 1-2 years:
We will get a video of our school and the kids we are helping to educate.

Next 20 years:
We will help to educate and empower approx 1000 children (50 per year).

We can visit our school and see the difference we have made.

our team so far

bill fallon
Brian Wolford
Cale Dunlap
Column Five
Daniel Martell
Elie Ayrouth
Jake Kilroy
Jason Lankow
Jesse Jesse
jill sheridan
Joshua Redmond
Kaede Holland
Katy French
Kyle Ganshert
michelle brown
Nicole Marie Rincon
Noel Easley
Richard Bacon
Ross Crooks
Sara Bacon
shane keaney
Steven Zozula
taylor fallon
Vincent Nguyen
william and leslie cox

Everything is taken care of

The schoolhouse is being built in partnership with the community (local workers using local materials).

The teacher in your school will be paid for by the local government (just like here in north america) so no ongoing funding is needed.

This school is part of a holistic approach already in place including agriculture, water, sanitation, medical services, and women's programs.

The kids will learn the prescribed curriculum in the country and the teachers are trained to the countries teaching standards.

This is more than a school. this is a safe place where kids will learn finances, gender equality, and how to make key life decisions that will empower them to make change.

Here is what you are getting

A beautiful colour certificate of thanks for you to display in your home and office.

A video thanks from Change Heroes showing the school we built together.

Photos of our school and the kids we have helped educate and empower and Facebook cover photos featuring our project.

A pre-release copy of a new documentary about people changing the world to watch with friends and family, and our names in the credits.

An invitation to go on a trip to kenya to see the school we built together.

Free the Children

The incredible organization that will be carrying out the work is Free the Children. Change Heroes has researched FTC in depth and has visited kenya and the village that will be receiving our school. They have met FTCs administration, looked at their business practices, and reviewed their financial statements. Free the Children are the real deal. Their administrative costs are an obscenely low 9%. They are innovative, business minded, and have built over 750 schools all over the world. This is their website: www.freethechildren.org

Addressing education issues is not only a passion for us, it is a massive part of the Millennium Development Goals, established in the year 2000 by the United Nations.

Building this school will give children a clean, bright, safe environment to learn in, instead of the “buildings” typically used in this region are small, dark, and made of mud, dung, and sticks with dirt floors.

Children in Africa becoming educated is an intricate part of ending extreme poverty. After all, Africa won’t be raised out of poverty by outsiders, it has to be done by strong, educated Africans.

frequently asked questions

Is it a sustainable and holistic approach, and does the community want and need the school?
Absolutely. The community receiving your school has invited Free the Children in, and partnered with them to ensure the projects are completely sustainable. There are initiatives employing women, medical services, water and sanitation projects, and food programs in place to ensure this school is set up for success.
Who teaches in it and how are they paid?
Teachers are paid by the Kenyan government and trained to the countries education standards (just like here in North America).
Does the implementing partner have a good reputation for results, do they have experience, and how are they rated as an organization?
Free the Children has built over 750 school houses and classrooms in all over the world. They have the highest possible rating on Charity Navigator and Charity Watchdog. Their model is proven, and they strive to leave the communities they work in, fully sustainable, after 7 years. 
Who builds it, how long does it take, and do they use local materials?
Local workers are employed to build the schools, and 100% local materials are used. Groups of youth on volunteer trips also help with projects when possible. The average build time is 9-12 months depending on a number of factors (we will keep you posted the whole way along).
Where is my school being built?
Your school will be built in the Masai Mara region of Kenya. This is one of the poorest areas in the world, and very in need of schools.
How much of my money goes to the implementing partner that actually builds the school?
91.1%. Change Heroes, the social enterprise that made this fundraiser possible, collects 5% of funds raised in the US and 6% of funds raised in Canada to cover it's operational costs, and there is a 2.9% credit card and payment processing fee. Any profit that Change Heroes makes after paying basic costs are then reinvested in more charitable initiatives. 
How many children will this serve and how long will it last?
Over 1000 children are projected to use your school. It will seat 50 children per year, and though it is built to last for 40+ years, we like to be conservative with our estimates and base our numbers on 20 years. 50 children per year x 20 years = 1000 children.
What are the kids learning?
They learn the prescribed curriculum in Kenya, which includes the typical subjects like math, science, geography etc, and they also learn to speak English too. Further to those, they also learn how to prevent diseases like AIDS. They learn about finances, gender equality, and other valuable knowledge that they just cannot learn at home. This is much more than a school. This is a safe place for children to gain the knowledge and skills they need to bring themselves and their families out of poverty.
What is change heroes, do they make money on this, and how much does the owner make?
Change Heroes is a social enterprise. That means that it is a for-profit business that is in place solely to do social good. 100% of Change Heroes profits are invested in creating charitable initiatives that will benefit people all over the world. Our founder and CEO takes no salary whatsoever. He created it for the purpose of empowering people in the Western world (you) to make huge change in the lives of the people that need it most. It is here to be of incredible benefit to the world… and that's it.
How do i know my money is going to get to the ground and not caught up in administration fees?
We will show you exactly what is happening with your money at all time. From construction starting, to progress reports, to showing you the finished school, you will see exactly where your money is going and the lives it is changing.
When is the trip to see the schools and can i go?
Whenever you like. We facilitate trips in November and December each year to see the projects our 'Change Heroes' have funded. You are welcome to come with us, or you can book another time directly through Free the Children's sister company, Me to We.
What is the documentary about, and why are you making it?
It's about YOU! We are making this documentary to show the world what 33 people can do with $3.33 a day for 3 months, to connect people and cultures, and to create moments in people's lives where they decide to make change… NOW.

Which would you like to give?